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First of all let me say Welcome everyone. At Duracut we strive to make your world a little easier with our bend over backwards attitude to make your day as smooth as we can make it.

Please e-mail us if you do not see what you are looking here in the website. We do carry a large selection of items and parts that will fit your needs.

At Duracut we offer the following styles of knives:


Dura - 1:

A Standard Carbon Alloy Tool Steel, often supplied by the original manufacturers.


Dura - 2:

A High Carbon Alloy Tool Steel (HCHC). Provides excellent wear resistance versus shock resistance. Tool steel is heat treated and tempered providing extra ordinary blade life between sharpenings.


Dura - 3:

An Inlaid High Speed Steel strip added to the steel knife. This high performance grade cutting blade provides even greater wear resistance that the Dura-2 grade. Five times the running time over the Dura-1 Standard Carbon Spring steel grade.


Dura - 4:

An Inlaid Tungsten Carbide Tipped knife designed to give as much as ten times the blade life between sharpenings, compared to the Dura-1 grade. These precision cutting tools must be used under optium cutting conditions for the best results for durability and longevity.


Wohlenber Trimmer Available in Dura - 4
Polar Knife Available in Dura - 1, Dura - 2, Dura - 3, Dura - 4
Roll Splitter Available in Dura - 1, Dura - 2, Dura - 3, Dura - 4
heidelberg v grove Heidelberg V Groove or Center V cut Blade
Collator Blades Collator or Packaging Blades
Granulator Blades Granulator Blades


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